“We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

There is certain “art” that requires no signature.  So unique and particular that you need not identify what it is:

  • A Monet or Warhall painting
  • The skyline of Paris or New York City
  • The voice of Frank Sinatra or Robert Plant
  • The shape of VW bug or Corvette
  • The sound of the Edge’s guitar or Miles Davis trumpet

These people and things are so iconically known, so universally recognized that they don’t require identification.  They are unmistakable to almost anyone who hears or sees them.

“Unmistakable people and businesses make a dent in the hearts and minds of humanity.  They create a ripple beyond any measure.”

Breaking ranks with conformity and charting a truly unique path are the necessary ingredients of the unmistakable.  They are also, however, the path to criticism and opposition.

The unconventional is often challenged.

The different is often ridiculed.

The non-conformist is often attacked.

We aren’t too comfortable with those that are different or challenge our conventional thinking.  Ironically, for those of us that call ourselves Christians, unconventional thoughts and actions were the hallmarks of the one we are called to follow.

Jesus seemed to zig when everyone else zagged.  He tended to go the opposite way of everyone else and defied conventional thoughts about religion, hierarchy, & law.  He ultimately started a revolution that changed the course of human history.  Even those that doubt his deity cannot deny the fact that he walked the earth and was wildly disruptive for good.

We are to be the purveyors of the unmistakable.  Our actions, lives, and words should be wholly in the context of God’s direction, but wholly disruptive at the same time.  While we live in a culture (even in many of our churches) that seem to drive us toward homogeneity, we should be fighting that tendency to offer the unmistakable.

Our job is to make Him known and bring Him glory.  When we operate in unmistakable and unique ways, He is better known and most glorified.  It also turns out that differentiating yourself in a crowded and noisy marketplace is also necessary for your business’ success.

Donald Miller is known as the “story guy”.  Whether it is in the business world through his “Storybrand” concept or in the publishing world, he is unmistakable and iconic when the idea of story comes into the conversation.  He says that this is the “real estate” that he owns.  The ground that he occupies uniquely and powerfully as a differentiator from all others.

Knowing what is unmistakable about you (knowing why you exist) is the necessary step to defining the unmistakable about your business.  Knowing and living into what is unmistakable about your business is the necessary ingredient for sustainable success and the way you ultimately own the “real estate” that only you can.

  • What is unmistakable about you?  What did God uniquely place in you so that people would know more about him?  (We can help you find that at our Lifeplan retreat in October.)
  • What is unmistakable about the things you lead? (your business, organization, or family)
  • How are you uniquely glorifying the Father through how you live your life and operate your business?
  • What “real estate” do you want to own?