March Top 5 Reads

1) 4 Ways You're Unknowingly Stressing Out Your Coworkers

It's one thing to offer help and another to actually be helpful.


2) You Might Be Confusing Trust With Transparency

"Trust is situational," one CEO explains. "Just because I trust you in one circumstance doesn’t mean I'll trust you in another."


3) How I've Learned To Cut Back On New Hires And Make More Promotions

Why not develop the leaders you need long before you need them?


4) The Secret to Spotting Trends in Your Business

So, how does trendspotting work for a business owner? It might surprise you the number of ways you’re doing this already every week, month after month. It shows up in the analysis of your metrics: Key Strategic Indicators, Key Performance Indicators, dashboards, etc. All of these tools ought to improve your ability to spot trends in the data. If they aren’t, chances are you’re not using them effectively.


5) 9 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get People To Respond To Your Email

We get an average of 120 emails every day. Here's how to make your messages stand out and actually get a response.