RESTORATION [res-tuh-rey-shuh n] noun.

  1. the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment.
  2. the state or fact of being restored.
  3. a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition.

We just went through the process of redoing our websites (Coaching & LifePlan) .  Current thinking is all about being simple, clear, clean, and succinct.  We are so overwhelmed with images, thoughts, and ideas, that we can barely focus.  The media assault on our senses continues to gain momentum and there seems to be very little escape.

One of the exercises we had to go through in route to simplifying our messaging, is the distillation of our purpose.  At the end of the day, what is the essence of what we are doing and what are we primarily about.  If we had to sum everything up into a single word, what would it be?


It came quickly and is as pervasive as the blood running through our veins.  It is the foundation of everything we do.

For Your Company

Most entrepreneurs launched businesses because they wanted to experience the joy and freedom of doing things in the ways that were consistent with their ideas/beliefs, and provided the most freedom of movement.  They didn't start their businesses to find less freedom, operate in frustration, and have the business own them.

Solution:  By building a team, defining a future, and creating a plan to get there, you are restoring your businesses to its original intent.  Corporate Coaching


Many of us believed that leadership would be about charting vision, setting a course, inspiring a team, and directing the work of others.  For most of us, however, our experience as senior leaders feels more like working harder and longer than anyone else, having to constantly direct or hold the hands of our team members, and experiencing very little margin to think strategically or cast vision.  

Solution: By building a foundation of organizational health, creating an ownership mindset, and helping craft a transcendent vision for your company, you not only restore your leadership hopes, but ascend to an even bolder standard of stewardship.  Team Coaching


We all know that there must be more to this life than the one we are living.  It is that deepest question that we carry, but are almost afraid to ask:  Why do I exist?  The Christian tradition talks about how "all creation groans" in the anticipation of the restoration that is to come for each of us.  We were created to be whole, healed, and free.  And we were created for a purpose and to make a difference in the world in a way that is unique for each of us and points back to our Creator.  

Solution: By rekindling your passions and discovering your purpose, you take control of your life and restore it to the life you were always intended to live.  LifePlan

Restoration at every level is the cry of our hearts... for our life, our leadership, and our company.  Helping others find the restoration they most desire and were ultimately created for, is why we do what we do.

  • Do you feel whole, fully alive, and free?
  • Do you feel like you are leading or babysitting?
  • Do you own your business or does your business own you?