May Top 5 Reads

1) How You Can Encourage Your Employees to Lead
An important part of leadership is helping others step up into their leadership. Learn how you can encourage more people to be leaders.

2) The Insanely Simple Way To Prioritize Your Work And Life
You already have values. Your company already has values. And they're not what you've sticky-noted to your laptop.

3) How To Get (And Keep) Others Committed To Change
Leaders can't just dictate a new strategy and say, "Go!" They need to get a lot of people on board, then keep them there.

4) Supervising With Coaching Skills
Supervisors have authority over other people. Coaches have no authority and function only in non-directive ways. Great supervisors integrate coaching skills into their role.

5) What To Do During Your Employees’ First Week To Avoid Losing Them
More than 40% of turnover happens within the first month, which means it’s more important than ever to engage them from day one.