I spent some time with a young man in Colorado recently.  After a great academic career, he was rewarded with a job out of college paying well in excess of what the average American makes and has all kinds of perks.  Relative to many of his peers entering the work force, he’s cracked the code and gotten life pretty much figured out.  He is very happily married and seems to be living a fairly idyllic life.

Throughout the course of several conversations, the word “responsible” kept coming up related to his decision-making.

"That was the responsible thing to do."

"That wouldn’t have been a responsible decision."

He is an exceptional young man with a bright future in front of him, whatever he decides to put his life towards.  As you might imagine (if you have read almost any other post in this blog), I was pushing through the “responsibility” to the “heart’s desire.”  I am less interested in where the responsible decisions will provide the greatest reward and way more interested in where his life will make the greatest contribution.

A young writer I follow said recently that (in a newly crafted family manifesto) “the life of Jesus” was their true north.  There is something so simple, powerful, and defining about that statement.  

  • Not regligion.  
  • Not conventional contemporary Christian thinking.
  • Not the current direction the trade wind of the culture in the church is blowing.  Not what a well-meaning father might be suggesting.  
  • Not what the culture of your family has decided.
  • Not what produces the greatest financial advantage.

The “life of Jesus” is their true north.

When I look at the life of Jesus, the only things he said or did are the things his Father directed.  He sought out his Father’s direction in all things and simply did what he was led to do.  For us that simply means living a life that helps encourage humanity to inch ever closer to their true Father.  To glorify Him by living the life so consistent with His intentions and commandments that the truth of our life resonates in some preternatural way to the gospel that is written on their hearts… whether it is acknowledged or not.  

What could be more responsible?

For this young man, who I interact with like a son, staying on his current corporate journey may be that place where he can best find the life of Jesus in his.  But the mountains of Colorado, ministry, authentic community, and a life in front of people and not a computer screen, are calling to him.  I want to make sure he is aware of the tension and not shutting himself off from the deepest desires of his heart.

As a very good friend of mine says,

"I don’t know if being a child of yours would be the coolest or worst thing."

This young man has his whole life ahead of him.  As long as he continues to pull a chair with his true Father or other fathers who love him and intend God’s purposes for his life, everything is going to turn out fine.  I can’t wait to see what sort of story he writes with his life.

I am looking forward to a lifetime of pulling up a chair alongside him, staring into God’s powerful creation, and discussing the endless possibilities.