June Top 5 Reads

1 ) The Real Reason Your Meetings Are So Unproductive
You may not be able to get everyone to speak up in meetings, but you can still make them much more inclusive.

2) Want More Creative Employees? Create Some Conflict.
A little friction on your team can be a good thing, and these exercises can help you channel it productively.

3) How To Grow Your Business By Pruning
My intuitive way to grow my coaching training organization was to add programs and locations. As a result, our revenue increased, but our expenses outpaced it. After wearing ourselves out trying to grow by expanding, I discovered how to grow by pruning. 

4) 5 Ways To Improve Your Company's Horribly Inefficient Interview Process
Hint: Spell out in the job description exactly what success looks like after six months.

5) Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Trick Your Brain Into Focusing
This research-based approach has shown improvements in brain function in as little as 12 hours.