I was having lunch with a coaching client recently.  He said he had taken a recent post on tendency, sent it to several of his friends and had them answer the questions about what kind of tendencies they saw in him.

He didn’t like everything he heard. He wanted to dismiss or reject what they had to say, but he looked for the common denominators.  Identified a few areas.  And has gone to work on changing them.

Wait.  What!?!
Who does that?

Everyone is trying to climb the mountain.  We are all looking to get higher, achieve, and get to whatever we define “more” to be.  On the way to the summit, however, very few of us divert off onto the less worn paths.  The paths that lead into the clouds with unknown destinations.  Very few leave the “what everyone is doing” to find the “what we most need to do”.

Very few look past getting the “more” and “better” to work on becoming the “more” and “better”  

Very few realize that the path to the abundant life requires having the temerity of spirit to ask others to identify the things that we cannot see, embrace what we hear, and then go to work on restoring the things that aren’t as they should be.  That takes humility, courage, and sincerity.  (Things that would have made my journey much easier if they hadn’t been in such short supply during most of my life.)

He asked.  He heard.  He is changing.

Wait.  What!?!
Who does that?

I had to break rank and leave established protocol of a business lunch with a client.  I needed a fist pump.  I needed him to know what incredibly rare air he was breathing.  I wanted him to know how proud I was of him and how extraordinary him going on this journey would be for himself and many others around him.

I was humbled and honored to hear was he was saying.  

I am challenged to take a similar journey.

  • Have you recently asked anyone what they found challenging about you?
  • Have you ever really listened to what they had to say?
  • Have you taken that rare journey of trying to work on the things that other’s have identified that you need to change?

Let me know.  I’ll fist pump you the next time I see you.