Problem 1

Problem 1 - What is the unique role you could play in changing the world?

Part 1 of 3

I have a problem.  Okay, it is a good problem, but it is a problem nonetheless.  Here it goes…

I know why I exist.

I know why God placed me here on this earth and what role He has created me to play.  Does that sound kind of arrogant?  Or maybe audacious?  It kind of did when I first started to say it, but it doesn’t any longer.  

If you sat in front of the massive pile of evidence that I did 7 years ago at the end of a LifePlan process, you would share my conviction.

If you saw how my passion, desire, gifting, ability, and a surprising number of life events and experiences all pointed in a similar direction, you would be saying the same.  

If you had walked closely with me over the last 7 years and watched the increasing experiential confirmation of that identity, you would know it was true.

But that’s not the problem.

It is actually my greatest privilege to know that, to operate with that sort of all-encompassing clarity.  It feels like a comforting beacon of light in a dark and often confusing world.

The problem comes with the knowledge that it is my treasure in the field that I’ve sold everything to find, but that I am called to offer freely to anyone else desiring the same clarity.

I exist to help others and the organizations they lead, find the unique role they were created to play in the larger story of God.

It is the intended path to clarity, peace, and prosperity in every form.  And it is the way that our God is best known and glorified.  It is the way it was always intended that He would be known.  And I am supposed to help others and the businesses, organizations, and families they lead, find it.

That happens in a lot of forms:

  1. I do that with a growing list of corporate clients and their teams.
  2. I do that with individual coaching clients.
  3. I do that with pretty much anyone who will take the time to have a real conversation.

The first two items listed are sort of my job, vocationally.  The third is sort of my job also, but in more of a calling kind of way.  And it happens all the time and everywhere…

  • With the waitress at dinner
  • The chance meeting with a father of a friend
  • The lady who owns the import shop in Colorado
  • The girl a the AT&T store who hooked me up with a new phone
  • The guy sharing the table with me at Starbucks
  • My dentist working on replacing a lost filling last Friday
  • The friends of my adult children when they sit around our kitchen island as we prepare a meal
  • Etc, etc, etc

So how is all of this a problem?  Because I believe that walking that journey toward clarity and transformation will change an individual or organization's future, it feels kinda weighty to carry around.  Sort of a privileged burden.  That is what calling and purpose feels like… a great treasure that you have both the honor and responsibility to offer to the world.

Mine is very disruptive.  

Disruptive for good, but disruptive.  

Disruptive in a way that will make you realize that there isn’t any life worth living other than the one you were uniquely created to play.

  • Why do you exist?
  • What is the unique role you and your organization could play in changing the world and making Him known?
  • Join us for our upcoming LifePlan retreat, contact me to set up a meeting, or just risk getting stuck next to me on a plane, in the grocery store line, at the DMV, etc.