Problem 2

Problem 2 - Choose Your Journey

Part 2 of 3

This is another variation on the Problem I talked about in the last post. 

Since calling or gifting is…

  • Something given to you 
  • Entrusted by another
  • For the sake of everyone

…doing it vocationally is sort of challenging.  Some people can’t afford a private coach or to have a team of coaches come work with their teams.

(And, BTW, based on what we’ve experienced, I am pretty convinced that most companies can’t afford to not hire a coach or a coaching team, but I will spare you what already sounds like a shameless sales pitch.)

As we prayed through how we are to offer proper stewardship over all these processes, exercises, and tools that lead organizations down a transformation journey, we were left with a very clear conclusion, we are supposed to make it available to everyone.

We defined 3 different paths that lead to the same destination:

  • Coaching for Your Team - Hire us to work with you and your team directly.
  • Get a Coach - Meet with me or another coach and gather around a table with other leaders.
  • Do It Yourself - We’re building a free online database of all the tools, processes, and exercises we use to take a team on a complete transformational journey.

This resolve gets tested sometimes.  There was a business leader that contacted me earlier this year.  He needed some strategic help with his team.  He needed a clear plan.  He is a high integrity guy who runs a great business.  They are one of those best places to work companies.  And they have grown as a result and he needs help in order to continue to scale the business in a healthy way.  (The best companies become the greatest ones because they keep striving for even greater success.)

Frankly, we were pretty excited that we would get to work with them.  A few nights ago, however, he wrote to say that he had hired an employee who just happened to have a lot of strategic planning experience in his past.

I responded quickly…

“Congratulations!  Sounds like a great hire.  Let us
know if we can do anything to help.”

I wrestled with how to make that sincere.  I am not trying to keep a foot in the door.  I am sincerely interested in helping them and others find the success they desire.  I am going to point him toward our free resources online, but I felt like I needed to share even more.  In our next post, Problem 3, I’ll share the intended path I believe a company must walk down in order to realize true transformation.

  • Do you dislike the place you are at with your business?  Are you motivated to do something about it?  Are you coachable?  Are you wanting someone to come work with you and your team?  (Coaching for Your Team)
  • Are you the kind of leader that just wants someone to walk alongside you to provide support, accountability, and encouragement on getting the right things done?  (Coaching for You)
  • Are you the kind of rare individual who can read new ideas, communicate them well, and get them implemented fully within your team?  (Do It Yourself)