1. select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).

2. select, organize, and present, typically using professional or expert knowledge.

I used to have the largest partially or completely unread Christian book collection in the world. I had a pretty sizable one in the area of business and leadership as well. I am sure some of you can relate.

There were many.

A subset of them were scanned.

An even smaller subset were actually read.

Almost none of them were actually applied to my life or business and produced much measurable change.

I could say the same for the some of the coaching things I had tried and the podcasts and conferences that I enjoyed.

Like many of you, I wanted things to change. 

The next greatest book, the most popular podcasts, different coaching methodologies, or the latest greatest speaker, each held the prospect of being the magic pill that was going to change everything.  The problem was that nothing ever seemed to change…and the longer this went on, the frustration and disappointment were both increasing.

As a managing partner at Deloitte, my partner had gotten too far away from the client. He was managing the people who worked with the people that he most enjoyed interacting with. He wanted to bring similar transformation to smaller businesses that people spent millions to get through his former practice.

The model didn’t exist. But over several years, we curated the information, processes, and procedures from dozens of sources to produce a simple and logical “roadmap” for business transformation that does exactly that. We pull from a variety of sources:

  • Our coaching certifications & other practices - E-Myth, Hudson, Patterson, PMP, TableGroup, EOS, etc.
  • Best author/speakers - Lencioni, Collins, Maxwell, Pink, Stanley, Drucker, Peters, etc.
  • Best business podcasts - How I Built This, Entrepreneur on Fire, TED Radio Hour, Storybrand, Andy Stanley Leadership, etc.
  • 50 years of combined leadership and business consulting experience from our banking and consulting careers.
  • We also spend a lot of time curating the best new phenomena in terms of business strategy and growth - like Storybrand, Essentialism, Referral Engine, Giftology, etc.

Our experience so far is that it replaces that never-ending cycle of feeling like you aren’t learning, growing, or keeping up with the latest and greatest the business world seems to offer…with a simple, methodical path toward real transformation in your life and business.

Our clients with thousands of employees are on the same exact path that our smallest sole proprietor is on…with similar results.  The things we do hands-on for and with our largest clients, we are providing in a scalable and simply executable format for our smallest executive board members.

“I now know more about my strengths and what my unique role is to play.  The company is operating with a much stronger sense of ownership and unity.  Everybody is shifting into much more focused roles and we have more momentum than we have ever had before.  My time with them is a “sacred space” where I am challenged and encouraged by people who know me, care about me, and are genuinely interested in my success.”  

                       - Jason Casey

Curating is typically associated with the arts, but if curating business content keeps producing these kinds of results I am happy to call us a team of curators.


  • Do you feel like you are falling behind?  Not keeping up with all the latest things you should?
  • Do you feel like you aren’t really experiencing the kind of change in your life or business that you’d hoped?
  • Do you think it is time to quit feeling so frustrated by your lack of results and have someone else help curate some real change for you?