A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. It is formed by conductive material or by a mesh of such materials.    


Turns out that cell phone signals are one of the “electromagnetic signals” a faraday cage can filter out.  A bar owner in the UK created some controversy (read that as jealousy) when he effectively used wire mesh contained in the walls to create a Faraday cage around his establishment.  No cell phones for anybody.

Whether or not it is intentional, steel roofed buildings like the ones in your local Costco store do a measure of the same.  Try to figure out if the thing you perceive to be a great bargain (simply because it is on a Costco shelf) really is a great bargain.  You can see why someone might want to do that.  Not to be cynical, but I'm just saying...

One of my good friends was trying to hear from God.  He was sitting on some simple questions, and the answers would be revolutionary in his life.  

After several weeks he came back to me with an exasperated, “I’m not getting anything.” 

He finally confided that his hunting lease seemed to be the only place where he could really think and hear.

I suggested taking those questions, a journal, and a pen to the hunting lease.  And one of the favorite e-mails of my life was from him a couple of weeks later, letting me know that he had finally heard from God.  He finally knew what God thought of him and what He intended him to do with his life.  He said,

“It’s so interesting that the goal is now to be what I was created to be.”

He got to the place where the Faraday cage could no longer filter out the signal.  He had the courage, the temerity of spirit, the faith, and the intentionality to keep searching until he found the territory where the wire mesh couldn’t shut down the transmission.  To get to a place where the most essential knowing could be known.

We all have a Father (likely far different than the one we grew up with) who is crazy about us. 

He loves us like we’ve never believed was possible.

He has the grandest intentions for our lives.

There is nothing we could ever do to make Him love us less.

But Faraday and his cages of every variety have been working overtime to keep us from that truth.  Maybe your Farady cage is lifelong disappointment.  Maybe it is the excessive and continual noise from the busyness in your life.  Maybe it is the terror we all feel of what we might find when we get really still and quiet.  It could even be the walls of a church that you attend; seeking the answers to your biggest questions, but not finding them.

It might just be that there is a veil, a type of cage, in constant operation, whose only intention is to keep us from the reality, truth, and love of God.  The bible says that we have an enemy that prowls like a roaring lion.  And whether your worldview believes all that or not, there is clearly something keeping us from clearly hearing; keeping us from clarity and some essential truth we all need.

We all feel like something is set against us, right?

Time to get above the clouds.  Find a good signal.  Light up all five bars on our phone.  Hear the essential things we all need to hear.  Like my friend experienced, there is a radically different life available on the other side of that cage.

  • Are you aware of how noisy your life is?
  • One of the places that Farady seems particularly unsuccessful is at the Franklin Family Ranch.  We’ve got a Lifeplan coming up there.  Come get some clear airwaves and some answers.
  • What are the Faraday cages in your life?  What is blocking the signals you need to be receiving?
  • Are you clear enough to offer the clarity, in kind, that those you love and lead so desperately need from you?
  • Do you feel like you are getting clear answers to the essential questions?