“Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension.”

- Joshua Lieberman


I am 6 feet tall, 220 pounds, very receding hairline, blue-eyed, husband of 28 years, with six children (27, 24, 22, 15, 13, 11), one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. I am a former banker, a current coach, and I self-identify as a Christian. I went to Baylor University and graduated with a BBA in Finance/Economics.


My strengths are:

  • Relator - enjoy close relationships and find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.
  • Individualization - intrigued with unique qualities in each person and enjoy figuring out how different people can work together productively.
  • Strategic - create alternative paths and faced with any given scenario, can quickly spot the relevant patterns & issues.
  • Activator - make more things happen by turning thoughts into action.
  • Ideation - am fascinated by ideas and am able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.

My DISC profile says I am an I-D:

"You are commanding, intentional, selfless, and instinctive. You thrive in environments where you can inspire and encourage others to reach their desired outcomes. You love growing buy-in and developing commitment to a structured process in ordered to achieve better results."

My Enneagram is number 8 with a 7 wing:

"Open, honest, direct and straightforward. More importantly, you want to be independent, make your own decisions and direct your own course. You exude confidence.You have a take-charge, no-nonsense, can-do attitude. You have great pride in your ability to face, endure and overcome adversity. You stand up for your beliefs and perceive backing down as a sign of weakness – even though at times doing so may be common sense and in your own best interest."


My spiritual heritage tells me:

  • I am infinitely loved
  • I am a child of a King
  • I am co-heir of a Kingdom
  • I walk in the authority granted to me by God
  • I am uniquely gifted and particularly created
  • I carry one aspect of the Creator’s glory that no other creature can

My spiritual gifts are:

  • discernment
  • faith

My purpose statement says:  

I exist to help others take their uniquely created roles to play in the Larger Story of God.


You can know a lot of things about me.  Other people can know a lot about you.  And they all have value in terms of understanding. They are all pieces of the puzzle.

But unless you know someone at the level of identity...  

Unless you know their story...

Until you understand the unique role they were created to play, the gifting they carry, or the purpose of their life…

…you don’t really know them.

You don’t know the truest things about them. You are likely unaware of the things that mobilize, inspire, or encourage them to contribute greater and more. The things that prompt engagement, energy, and contribution. Without knowing those things, you will never be able to truly motivate or engage others.

Any millennials.

Most of your employees.

Maybe even yourself.

Understanding someone’s unique identity and considering it in the way you lead, motivate, and inspire them will not only change your business, it will change their lives.  And it will change yours.


  • Do you know who you are?  Do you know the truest thing about you?
  • Do you know your employees?  Not “know about them”, but “know them”?
  • Are you frustrated by their lack of motivation and engagement?