Core Values - What Do We Truly Value?

The importance of defining your Core Values in creating clarity for your organization cannot be overstated. More than anything else, Core Values are critical because they define a company’s culture. They provide employees with clarity about how to behave, but the impact of values goes beyond employees. Clear values can also serve to attract and repel the right customers who want to do business with an organization that reflects what they value.

Defining Your Core Values

  1. Identify 1-2 employees in the organization who embody what is best about the organization.  What is true about those people that makes them so admired?
  2. Identify 1-2 employees who, though talented, were no longer a good fit for the organization.  What about them drove others around them crazy?
  3. Which of the Values does the leadership team embody? (Be honest)
  4. Pair down to 5 Core Values. (Group those that are similar)
  5. Decide what to call the Core Value that is unique to your company. (Don't over wordsmith)
  6. Define what the Core Value looks like in action in a short statement.

Key Questions

  1. Is this trait inherent and natural for us, and has it been apparent in the organization for a long time?
  2. Is it something we have to work hard to cultivate?
  3. Are these Core Values embodied by the leadership team?