Next Generation Leaders (NGL)

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders…

…is essential to growing a healthy business.

Everyone wants to generate the next level of leaders in their organization and virtually every next level leader wants to be developed.  But who has the time to really invest in this type of thing when the fires of day-to-day responsibilities seem to be burning so brightly all around you?

For some of us, we wouldn’t know where to start even if we wanted to develop them better.  We wouldn’t know what conversations to have, topics to cover, or even have the natural skills to do a very good job of developing them.

we all sense that Developing the Next Generation of Leaders…

…is crucially important, and everything we read is confirming the same thing. 

Next generation leader development is the path to:

  • diversifying the weight an owner or senior leader carries alone

  • greater margin to allow senior leadership to think strategically and not just operate tactically

  • working on the business instead of not just working in it

  • developing an ownership mentality in leaders, teaching them to approach your company like an owner and not just as an employee

What Next Generation Leaders need is…

  • time away from the office

  • information that challenges and stretches their lives professionally, spiritually, and personally

  • accountability

  • a group of other like-minded leaders to work through issues with

We need them to support and strengthen our objectives while growing their own leadership voice and lightening the burdens we carry.  To lead on their own, consistent with us.

a meeting for Next Generation Leaders (NGL):

For the members of our Executive Boards, we’ve created an environment and meeting space to perfectly meet those needs.  We call it NGL (Next Generation Leaders). Our NGL meeting is a monthly 4-hour journey into business, leadership, and life, covering the exact material our Executive Boards cover with a slightly different perspective.

It helps them grow in influence and responsibility to match the authority you have likely already assigned to them.  At the end of the day, we are teaching how to lead when they are not in charge; to support your leadership while growing in their own.

If you would like one of your leaders to grow and develop as a part of our upcoming NGL class, please email with their information, including their role in your company and why they would qualify as a “Next Generation Leader.” They will benefit, you will benefit and so will your company.