What others are saying…

Quite simply, without the leaders and coaches at SummitTrek, my business wouldn’t exist. We are experiencing our best season and I have incredible confidence in our future success.
— Todd Jarvis, Sterling Home Technologies
My company wasn’t clear on our purpose, and there was an imbalance in leadership. My partner and I weren’t aligned and it was causing a lot of tension in the organization. Through SummitTrek, we have identified our purpose, our values, our leadership team, and we have more clarity in our day to day operations. We have even introduced more personal elements into our meeting structure, and it has changed our culture in the most profound way possible.
— Alex Gerber, Gerteck Holdings
My experience with SummitTrek has been absolutely transformative! Everything has changed as a result of their simple solutions— both personally and at work. Our entire company is different now, even the employees’ attitudes. We have a vision, we are rallying around a common goal, we have a plan and we are actually executing on it! This journey has been both exciting and invigorating, and I would highly recommend SummitTrek to anyone who wants to realize a different future for their business!
— Sara Neel, One Advocate Group
As an entrepreneur, I had plenty of ideas and goals, but I was so inundated with working inside my business that they were mostly just pipe dreams. Working with SummitTrek has changed that. Now, I have a design for my organization and a clear picture of the future. I’m actually seeing those “pipe dreams” become ideas and goals that are being realized!
— Justin Harper, Texas Specialty Veterinary Services
Powerful content has challenged and changed me as a man, leader, husband, and father. Application of their tools and processes have changed my business. Thoughtful accountability has helped me make the crucial decisions that have impacted my businesses and life that are wholly satisfying.
— Gregg Weston, Weston Entertainment, Executive Board Member