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Brian Schroller

I understand what it feels like to have the greatest of expectations for my life and leadership, but feel like I am making very little progress. To almost resign myself to barely surviving as a leader of my family, company, and community…instead of thriving. The understanding that restoration of the fun, freedom, and privilege that most of us hoped for as leaders is actually available, has truly changed my perspective and my life.

My deepest passion is to help leaders and their businesses restore their businesses and lives to their original intended purpose. To realize the freedom, fun, and impact that is intended from their leadership. To restore the nobility of their leadership.

Being able to translate my decades of banking and team leadership, extensive coach training, and the wisdom from the best and brightest leaders of our day into measurable success for the leaders we serve fulfills my calling and is my greatest joy.

Increasingly, there is very little separation between my work, my ministry, and my private life. But when I am not “working”, you will often find me jeeping, cooking for others, enjoying movie nights, and spending as much time with my wife and six kids (and growing family) as I possibly can. I have also spent the last 15 years deeply engaging in men’s ministry and have done that primarily through the Alamo Band of Brothers for the last 10 years.

Most days you will find me haunting coffee shops between client meetings, looking for the next disruptive conversation that might intend a more impactful and fulfilling life. Depending on where you are at in your life and leadership, you might want to track me down or stay as far away from me as possible.

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Paul nadeau

After a full career as a US Air Force Reserve officer while serving as a Partner at Deloitte Consulting, I thought I had life pretty well figured out.  Then, in 2008, I went thru a process called the Strategic Life Plan.  What I realized was that while I had enjoyed success in my business life, I had gotten far away from the passion I started with to help business leaders succeed.  I had a very strong sense of discontent as I had gone from consulting and helping others to running a very large consulting business.  Moreover, most significantly, I had made my professional success and idol which came before my relationship with God and my family.  Clearly I did not have life figured out nearly as well as I thought!

This insight put me on a path culminating in my retirement from my consulting career.  With the new clarity I gained, I reshaped my life to get my priorities straight and to spend my time pursuing God’s clear purpose for my life:  to equip, empower, encourage, support and challenge others to overcome obstacles and live up to their God given purpose and potential.  While doing so, I am spending more time with my family doing the things we enjoy… working at my ranch, building furniture and remodeling my son’s new house to name a few.  And – I have reconnected with my faith, Christian ministry and God in ways that I had never imagined!

Ah, but those LifePlans I referred to – they are one of my greatest passions!  Spending a weekend on a journey with people to help them regarding clarity of convictions, Life Purpose and Vision is such an amazing privilege. Then, coming alongside to help turn this clarity into action and restorative change is a joy that I have a hard time expressing.  God has truly blessed me in this later stage of life.  What about you…. do you have it all figured out too?

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lindsay houchen

I’ve spent most of my life being keenly aware of my passion to help others live an inspired, “fully alive” kind of life—  but I’ve been equally aware of my confusion as to how to carry that out.  I’ve worked at churches and non-profits, managed teams, planned events, DJ’d weddings, and even driven horse-drawn carriages around the Riverwalk. Although each experience had its invaluable lessons and enjoyable memories, none of those jobs engaged my truest passions the way SummitTrek does.

I attended a SummitTrek LifePlan in Spring of 2016 that gave me unprecedented clarity about the reason why I am here, where I want to go, and what I needed to do about it.

I joined the SummitTrek Team in the Spring of 2017 as the Client Experience Coordinator, which means if the client needs to experience it, I’m going to coordinate it! Interacting with our clients means getting to be a part of real life and business transformation, often simultaneously - and there’s nothing that fuels my heart more than seeing those stories unfold. 

I love to create environments of joy and fun, and I gravitate toward anything that makes the human experience more clear, felt, and authentic. I love helping people figure out why they exist, and then encouraging them to live out that purpose in every aspect of their lives. When I’m not coordinating client experiences with SummitTrek, I’m probably coordinating some other activity with my friends or family. Those activities often include concerts, board games, dancing, and campfires - but deep, honest conversations are the moments when I feel most myself. 

If you're interested in what we do, contact us here. We'd love to hear your story and recommend some helpful next steps!