Problem 3

Problem 3 - Are you really ready to change things?

Part 3 of 3

We’ve aggregated a pretty expansive set of tools into our roadmap:

  • Mined the best in class from the numerous coaching certifications we carry.   
  • Read hundreds of the best books on organizational health, strategic planning, effective meetings, and operating with purpose.
  • Worked with dozens of clients.
  • Aggregated the best tools and processes from our partner’s former consulting practice.
  • Combined all that with the imperative of purpose we bring to individuals in LifePlan retreats and to organizations in our Strategic Enterprise retreats.

The Roadmap we take every organization down, whether it is our team coaching, our executive board experience with one-on-one coaching, or through our free tools, is exactly the same.

  • Identify a Team - Key representatives from every part of the organization.
  • Get Healthy - Work with them to establish a healthy baseline for interaction.
  • Establish or Enhance - Core Values and Purpose
  • Craft a Vision - Draw a clear and concise picture of the future.
  • Get Focused - What are the vital few things we must focus on to realize our vision.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan - Goals, initiatives, and action steps with ownership and timelines.
  • Meeting Governance - Establish a high execution model to meet, provide accountability, and accomplish tasks.
  • Organizational Design - Create the ideal structure and team of the future to realize your vision… walk your team in that direction.
  • Reset Goals & Initiatives - Craft an annual meeting structure where you reset quarterly and annually.

It might not surprise you that some companies we talk to simply want a strategic plan.  They feel like that is the ultimate solution to all their problems.  We couldn’t disagree more.  That, in a vacuum, will not solve your problems.  In our extensive experience and research, if you don’t walk through the essential steps necessary to get to this kind of strategic plan, the plan won’t be…

  • Owned
  • Embraced
  • Accomplished

Let’s be honest, you and your team are already really busy.  But if you don’t regularly gather together with the essential few employees.  If you don’t work with them to get clear on who you are and what you believe.  If they don’t participate in crafting a more inspired future.  If you don’t jointly commit to the essential few things that must happen to get you there.  If there isn’t meeting governance that drives accountability and establishes regular resets…


What we all need is not a plan, but a new way to live.  A systematic and planned approach that takes us from where we are to the place we’ve always desired to be.  That will comfortably take us from chaos and overwhelm to clarity, margin, and freedom.

  • Are you really ready to change things?
  • Have you given up on believing they can?
  • Let us know, we feel called to help.  We’ll help you determine which path is best for you.